Welcome to The Technologist Chap

(All opinions and insights on this site are mine).

This website is my personal blog and electronic portfolio. I have worked across a very diverse range of technology focused projects during my career, but I finally decided to blog my adventures. The clue is in the title, I am a technologist who has retrained in Cyber Security and look forward to sharing my insights with you all.

Not just that, when training as a teacher I had to provide a portfolio of evidence: Did I reach the standards required of me.

I want to treat my website as something similar: a portfolio of my work, where anyone can browse and see that I am in possession of a vast array of skills that would help your organisation.

What I am

Cyber Security, IT Systems, Cloud Technology,


Project Management, Education, IT Service Management and Learning Technologies


I have been a technology and teaching professional for nearly two decades and

I am passionate about technology in general. I squeezed in time to train as a teacher and enjoy mentoring and passing on knowledge. I have worked with a wide variety of computer hardware and software. I have been that techie working in the server room ensuring that all the hardware is properly connected and I have presented business cases for projects in front of C-Suite level management.

What I do

And this is not mere talk, to me technology is not just a way to pay the bills: I have an active interest in multiple fields. To keep knowledge up to date I run a variety of servers on my ever expanding home lab and in the cloud. This allows me to keep my finger on the pulse regarding the latest developments and concepts.

Where am I going

I completed a UTS accredited Certificate in Cyber Security, which was a boot-camp like course involving hands-on technical skills and exposure to industry frameworks.

I will cover the topics and concepts in the blog.

With this in mind I am making the transition to Cyber Security/Cloud, eager to land a role in the industry with an eventual focus on the GRC space. Governance, Risk and Compliance permeates everything that an organisation does and I want to be part of that. I work well with others and will excel at any future job. I have been a Project Manager, Business Analyst and Learning Technologist. But my one true love is solving problems for others and making their lives easier.

What do I have to offer

I work well with others and I am a keen proponent of creating value genuine relationships with stakeholders. I can translate technical language to business language and I can translate technical language into plain English.

This combination of skills has helped me solve a diverse range of problems at work. You might say that I am a generalist with a broad yet deep knowledge of topics who wants to specialise.

My Skill Word Cloud

Skills Word Cloud
Skill Word Cloud

So, What is the point of this website? I want to demonstrate my diverse skill set with technology centric projects that I have completed in the past.

I want to provide YOU the reader evidence of capability