Recommendations from others

Hello! Below are a selection of recommendations from colleagues past and present

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“I worked with Baz as co-systems admin and project manager. I frequently sought his advice on analytics matters in general, and PowerBI tips in particular. He’s a font of knowledge – a lightning fast learner, meticulous analyst, and valued colleague who’s also very generous with his time.

He received commendations from colleagues (academic and professional staff) at ACU for advice and assistance he’s given, most recently around helping them realise the benefits of analytics to their work.”

Francis Ramirez

“Baz helped me with data analysis for a project; “Improving student performance: An analysis of whether additional online resources assist tertiary STEM students to take corrective action against poor grades”, his skills with Power BI were fantastic.

Baz was able to help us visualise our students online learning environment logs for a whole semester, this allowed us to identify key resources that students used in order to take corrective action and improve their grades.”

Lara Grollo

“Baharul is a proficient and capable professional, he is conscientious and a ‘people person’. I had the privilege of receiving some instruction and coaching from Baharul around Moodle usage. I was made to feel at ease and comfortable and was guided through the session by this knowledgeable tutor; who made the subject matter a joy to learn. Baharul will enhance any team’s performance and be a great asset to any organisation as a consultant, adviser or employee.”

Veronica Ebanks

“Baharul is an intelligent gentleman and has been a pleasure to work with on previous projects, bringing his attention to detail on every project. His communication and people skills are excellent, and he has some very innovative ideas. I would highly recommend Baharul as part of your team.”

Ashley Carr

“I had the privilege of working and learning with Baharul whilst he was at Barnfield. He is a professional person who is always primed to go the extra mile to ensure the service that he provided was to the uppermost standard.

Baharul developed some great materials for both me and the learners and on my learning programme, to enable them a more interactive and interesting way of self paced learning whilst either at college or at home. Thus enabling and helping the learners to achieve. He did so whilst helping improve my own knowledge of the E learning service provided for the learners, and always with a friendly, welcoming eagerness to help. I believe that Baharul will be a great strength to any team or organisation that he chooses to work with, and would recommend him without hesitation or reservation.”

Mick Oakes