When I was 5 I was introduced to my first computer: A C64

The old family Commodore 64 plugged into the 14inch Philips TV
Technology from a bygone era…

Who are we talking about? 

Baharul ‘Baz’ Zaman. He is a Melbourne based technologist with a strong and broad foundation in technology combined with a background as an educator.

Working in the technology space since 2003. A troubleshooter who uses creative and robust solutions to large infrastructure projects and small, human scale ones too.

How did he get involved in technology? 

At the age of 5, was when he was first introduced to the first family computer; A Commodore 64 producing memorable visuals and incredible SID produced soundtracks. So thus began a lifelong adventure. When the opportunity arose he then switched to the Acorn Archimedes then to the Amiga A500 and finally to the PC.

During University he dabbled in Linux, thus began another great relationship. When retraining as a teacher he discovered E-learning and Moodle. Thus he worked on becoming an expert in that field. What did Moodle run on? Linux!

What drives him?

He really loves exploring possibilities and is constantly searching for challenges to improve his skills. His forte lies in combining user, business, and technology goals.

What is he good at? 

Listening to people to understand their problems. Thinking, planning, collaborating and solving problems for people using technology. His niche is in being a bridge between business and technology.

He is easy to get along with and wants to help you solve your problems!

He excels at explaining to non technical people how everything works. Conversely he can explain to technical people how the business side works. As a former systems administrator he enjoys solving queries, quickly, efficiently, and to a high standard for the user.

Whether managing at a high level or getting hands on, he thrives in an environment of building technologies that are useful to others, and training others to excel in their use. He is a systems guy.

An adaptive and a life-long learner who is constantly on the move technology wise. He has pivoted to Cyber Security which draws upon his years of experience in the technology field. He combines this with his background as an educator to promote Cyber Security awareness.

What does he do when he’s not working? 

In his spare time he enjoys weightlifting (specialising in powerlifting) and dabbling in kettlebell sports. In the UK played Baz played Rugby Union at the county level and enjoyed it immensely. He loves the arts and regularly attends the opera, ballet and classical concerts in Melbourne. He is a big Sci Fi fan and has been since he was a child with no bias, you name it, he enjoys it.

When he isn’t cooking tasty dishes or exploring food markets he is tinkering with computer hardware and software in his ever-expanding home computer lab. It offers him an opportunity to learn new technical concepts in safe and controlled environment, and just have fun doing it.